50th Gifts: Birthday, Anniversary and Other Golden Moments 12 Jan

I've recently been treated to a 50th gift - as in a 50th birthday present of a prostate exam - and my wife was complaining that it’s tough to figure out a gift for someone of my age. Her rationale was that, by this time in life, you have most everything you want, so it’s hard to come up with ideas.

Fearing that she would find her way to another gift like the aforementioned prostate exam, I decided to write an article advising people of cool things for 50th celebrations that don’t necessarily include having your body invaded by a doctor’s finger.

50th Gifts: Great 50th Birthday Presents

You’ve made it to half a century. Oh boy, maybe for your birthday this year you can snag another one of those awesome little travel kits with the toenail clippers, Q-tips, tweezers, etc. If you dare to stray from the safety of the sure joy the little travel kit will bring, here are a few ideas:

  • DVD Montage: Put together a bunch of pictures from the birthday person’s life, including all the family and milestones and make them into a DVD. This process is relatively easy, and there are a lot of tutorials on how to do it on the Internet. Outside of that, there are a lot of places who will make the production for you. – It’s a really cool, memory inspiring gift.
  • Date of Birth Newspapers and Magazines: You can buy copies of newspapers or magazines from the day the honored was born. These are fun because you get to watch the birthday person delight in the memories, then slowly watch the expression fade to one of depression, as the reality of just how old they are sinks in.
  • Make Your Own Cards: Just like when the kids were little, everybody makes the honoree a birthday card with crayons and paper. Write what you feel inside and decorate the card with your own drawings. It’s a great way to create some smiles.

50th Gifts: Great 50th Anniversary Presents

If the two of you have survived one another for five decades, you deserve some special congratulations and some time apart! (Only kidding.) A few good ideas for the golden anniversary:

  • Create a Picture Scrapbook: Rather than something new and digital, put together a nice, old fashioned scrapbook of pictures of the couple and their family throughout the years.
  • Coffee Mugs, Calendars, etc.: It might sound corny, but many older couples might really enjoy coffee mugs, calendars or the like, adorned with pictures of the family. There are a variety of places online who will do this, such as Snapfish.

50th Gifts: 50Years Working for the Company

You have an employee that’s worked for you for 50 years? That monumental accomplishment usually results in a gold watch or something similar. Have some fun with this accomplishment by giving the half-century employee a pink slip or a notice of being written up for sick time abuse or something similar… After everyone lets him or her in on the joke, then break out the gold.