6 Practical Gifts for Father's Day – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

When choosing a gift for Dad, think of the word ‘practical’. Is it something that he can enjoy and remember with a smile? Is it something that he can use on a long-term basis? Is it something that he needs for his craft or hobby? Here are some practical gift ideas for Father’s Day.

A Good, Hearty Dinner

Does Dad have a favorite dish? Find out what it is and cook it for dinner. If there’s no particular dish in mind, prepare a simple menu instead. The Internet has a lot of suggestions for Father’s Day menu.

Before planning meals, take note of his food preferences and whatever diet restrictions he might have. Regardless of his age, a healthy dinner would be an ideal treat for him.

Clothing and Accessories

Make Dad look crisp and fashionable on Father’s Day. Shop for any kind of clothing he might need for work or everyday use. It could be a polo shirt, a jacket, or a new pair of slacks.

Consider giving accessories, too. Belts and neckties are popular Father’s Day gifts, as well as grooming sets and wrist watches.


Does Dad love to read? Find out what genre he’s interested in and get a good title for him. An ideal book would be something that he can read on a weekend or during his spare time.

If clueless about what to book to buy, get him a gift certificate instead. Popular bookshops, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, offer gift cheques.

Magazine Subscription

What is Dad’s favorite magazine? Surprise him with a six-month or one-year subscription. If he already subscribes to that magazine, get ahead by paying for his subscription renewal.

Another option is to get him a gift certificate. Magazines.com offers gift cards in any amount from $10 to $250 shipped for free via mail or e-mail. Dad can choose from over 2,000 magazine titles.

Tools for his Hobby

What is Dad’s favorite hobby? Is he into fishing, gardening, or carpentry perhaps? Get him a good tool for his hobby. It should be something that he can use for a longer period of time. Bring him to a specialty shop and offer to pay for any important tool he might need for his craft. This also makes for a good bonding opportunity with him.


Gadgets are hip and cool – Dads would surely love them! When shopping for a techie gadget, make sure that it’s something he can possibly use every day.

E-book readers are suitable for Dads who love to read while in a train, a bus or a coffee shop. Popular e-book readers are Kindle (by Amazon) and Nook (by Barnes & Noble). When purchasing an e-book reader, be sure to include in it some of Dad’s favorite books and magazines.

An iPod would be great if Dad loves music. As there are a variety of iPods these days, choose one that would fit his personality and lifestyle. Create a Father’s Day playlist before handing him the iPod gift.

Other popular gadgets include the iPhone, the iPad, and the Netbook.