A Guide to Christmas Hampers & Gift Baskets – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

Finding the right gift for the right person can sometimes be a major headache. Those looking for gifts with a difference could consider giving Christmas hampers or gift baskets. These can either be purchased from stores or made at home. What kinds of options are available?

Christmas Themed Hampers and Gift Baskets

Some hampers and baskets are specially designed for the Christmas season. The contents of this kind of gift could, for example, include traditional foods and wines for the holiday. These options come in all shapes and sizes. Larger sized options could contain virtually everything needed for the main Christmas meal with some extras thrown in. Smaller gift baskets could contain a range of seasonal condiments, jams and chutneys.

Food Hampers and Gift Baskets

Hampers and baskets containing a specific type of food are also popular. So, for example, consumers could pick a product that contains:

  • A range of fine cheeses
  • Gourmet foods
  • Luxury regional foods
  • Biscuits and cookies
  • Chocolates
  • Fresh and dried fruits and nuts

The contents of a food hamper or gift basket may have some Christmas related products in them. They may alternatively simply contain general foods and products.

Drinks Christmas Hampers and Gift Baskets

As an alternative many like to give gifts that are based on alcoholic or soft drinks (or a mix of the two). A hamper or a gift basket here may include:

  • Fine wines
  • Champagnes
  • Whiskies and other alcoholic bottles
  • Specialist soft drinks

Again, products on offer here can range from large luxury hampers through to smaller gift baskets.

Dietary Needs Christmas Hampers and Gift Baskets

Some people may have special dietary needs that makes it hard for them to enjoy a regular gift of this kind. There are other options here that may be worth considering such as hampers/baskets for:

  • Diabetics
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Those with celiac disease
  • Those with food allergies such as gluten intolerance

Many suppliers will also be willing to substitute products in their general hampers if there is a dietary need, so this may be worth checking.

Homemade Christmas Hampers and Gift Baskets

Buying these items as gifts can work out to be expensive and many will opt instead to make up their own hampers and baskets. This may save some money. It may also help to make a more personalised gift as they can be made up to suit the tastes of the gift recipient.

This is easy enough to do. All that is needed is:

  • A hamper, basket or even a prettily decorated box
  • A range of items to put in it (which could be store bought or homemade)

Bear in mind that buying a ready-made Christmas hamper and gift basket doesn't mean that the individual has to buy what is already packaged up. Many retailers have a service that allows the person buying the product to mix and match its contents. This may also be useful for those looking for more personalised gifts.