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When I was a child, my parents had a picture of my sister and me in a small frame that looked almost like a photograph, but something about it was different. I learned years later that it was a hand painting of a photo taken of us, which they called a "miniature."

Color and digital photos will eventually fade away. But paintings seem to last forever. There are surprisingly many websites that provide the skills of artists who are specifically trained to paint portraits from photographs. A painting gives the photograph the quality and long life that can make the picture a family heirloom.

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Mother's Day Gift Basket

Painting Over Portraits is Done by Hand

The websites that offer to paint portraits from photographs promise that all paintings are hand crafted by individual artists. They assure clients that computers are not used in any part of the process. You upload your picture(s) and request the type of portrait you want.

Some sites have individual artists that specialize in different types of paintings, such as landscapes or portraits. The portrait that I saw as a child was enchanting. If you want to see an actual example, ask the portrait website if there are sample works in your area that you can view.


Custom Painting Services

The services described are very unique. "Painting portraits from photos" includes:

  • Editing defects in a photo.
  • Taking 2 persons from 2 different photos and combining them into a single portrait.
  • Adding a different background to the picture from another photo or picture.
  • Removing a subject from a picture without visible traces of modification.
  • Imbedding subjects into a famous work of art.


If you want a picture of you as a child made into a painting with a photo of your wife as a child, it can be done. Superimposing a picture of your parents watching over you and your wife and children in a portrait is also possible. The only limit is your imagination. Custom framing is also usually offered as a service.

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