Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas: How To Make Beautiful New Baby Gift 09 Jul

If you want to create a beautiful gift on a budget, you're in the right place. These steps will explain how to put together a few priceless baby shower gift basket ideas without breaking the bank!

The Gift Basket

The basket itself can be incredibly expensive if you buy it at a specialty store, so opt for a discount or craft store instead. If you include a list of ways the basket can be reused, it's sure to be appreciated! Some ideas are clean diaper storage, baby toys or books, baby blankets, or for keeping bathing supplies neatly organized in the bathroom.

Choosing Fillers

Mom-to-be will likely get plenty of adorable outfits and other cute items, so try one of these incredibly useful baby shower gift basket ideas instead.

Consumables. Items such as diaper rash cream, baby shampoo, baby bath, and disposable wipes, are new baby essentials that parents are always running out of. You can buy these items at dollar stores and discount stores to save a bundle.

  • Layette essentials one size up. New parents receive plenty of newborn clothes. Shop one size up and they'll have something for the baby to wear when he or she outgrows all of those other outfits. If you know someone is expecting early in the pregnancy, keep an eye out for sales – particularly seasonal sales. If you buy warm weather clothes in the fall, they'll be perfect for that spring delivery!
  • Gift cards. Not only retail gift cards for stocking up on those last minute items, but fast food and restaurant cards as well. The new parents may not feel like cooking for a while!
  • Newborn clothes. They'll love newborn clothes and will appreciate you opting for such a cute gift.
  • Fancy clothing. Adorable fancy clothing will the perfect gift,  the newborn dress will get a lot of wear and it is super comfortable for a  baby.

Items To Avoid

The following ideas make perfectly wonderful gifts, but are best left out of your baby shower gift basket ideas for various reasons.

  • Keepsake gifts. Your idea of the perfect keepsake gift might not be the same as theirs, and these token items tend to be pricey. Stick with more practical gifts instead.

The Finishing Touch

Top your gift basket with a bow from your local dollar store, and you'll save quite a bit over the price of specialty store gift wrapping supplies. Skip the all-over wrap and hang curled ribbon from the handle, allowing it to cascade over the contents in a fun, carefree way.