Homemade Beauty Gift Basket: Homemade Gift Idea - A Spa Bath Gift Basket 17 Jul

Giving a Beauty Spa Gift Basket is a great gift for practically everyone, men and women. A gift basket is also an easy item to create from products at ones home as well as favorites of the receiver. Make the gift a little more special by creating it instead of buying the generic gift basket at the local department store.

A Beauty Gift Basket for Women:

Here are some ideas to add to the Women’s Spa Gift Basket

  • Bath Salts – Bath salts are easily made with some sea salt and Epsom salt. Add a favorite fragrance or keep them unscented. If the woman has sensitive skin, it would be best to keep them unscented.
  • Bath Fizzies – Another fun item to make at home, bath fizzies. These fizzy little things can be tossed in to the bath water or in a small tub to soak one’s feet. They are most relaxing! Plus they can be made in different shapes. Get shapes that remind her of you!
  • Body Scrub – This is an essential item during the cold, winter months. It gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells. Not sure of the best fragrance to get? Buy a simple peach scent or vanilla, two scents that please most women.
  • Body Lotion – Another essential skincare item. Body lotion will keep her skin soft and smooth during the cold.
  • Manicure Supplies – Manicure items are something we can never have enough of. Just toss in a nail file, nail buffer, or a couple of orange sticks. Even if we have enough nail files to keep in every room of the house, we will always appreciate more!

To wrap the women’s spa basket:

Arranging everything nicely in a simple gift basket is one way to go. One step better is to use a makeup carrier. That way every part of the gift is in itself a present and useable.

A Beauty Gift Basket for Men:

Here are some ideas to add to the Men’s Spa Gift Basket

  • Shaving Cream – Shaving cream will provide the closest shave and something that most men use.
  • After Shave – Most men prefer an After Shave balm. It is gentler to the skin and will not cause the burning sensation that an alcohol-based after shave will cause.
  • Hair and Body Shampoo – A relatively new product on the market for men. It is a one-step process for them in the shower. Instead of having to use multiple products, this one product is formulated to take care of their skin and hair.
  • Manicure Supplies – Basic toe nail clippers with a file attach will probably be all that most men use, but one that all men need!

To wrap the men’s spa basket:

Again, a basket or gift bag will work and keep expenses down. But another great thing would be a simple travel bag.