Best Birthday Gifts for Her – Present Ideas Any Wife Will Love – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

Every year, husbands agonize over their wives' birthday presents. Choosing the best birthday gifts for her becomes less of an opportunity for expressing love, and more of a frustrating exercise in shopping. To simplify the process, try these strategies for picking a great present for a wonderful wife.

Start earlier than the day before her birthday, to pick the best birthday presents. If all else fails, or the husband forgets until the last minute, stick with past gift-giving successes and universal birthday gifts for women.

Early Birthday Shopping for Wives

Start paying attention to her during shopping trips and outings before it's actually time for her birthday. Many wives drop subtle hints about their preferences that husbands don't pick up on. Some examples of these delicate allusions to a potential birthday present include:

  • "Oh, I wish I had one of those."
  • "I've always wanted something like this."
  • "Isn't that adorable?"
  • "Oh, look – it's on sale! You know, my birthday's coming up …"

Presents of Holidays Past

Think about past gifts that were successful, and try to recreate those successes. Are there any fool-proof indicators that she really loved the gift?

  • Did she scream and jump up and down, or start crying (and smiling) when she opened the present's wrapping?
  • Does she consistently use, wear and admire the gift, even without prompting?
  • Does she show the present off to her friends?

If any or all of these indicators are present, she really liked the gift. However, if any of the following happened, even if she swears she loved it, she really didn't.

  • The gift was raved over, and then stuck in the back of a drawer, never to be seen again.
  • She said, "Oh, it's just what I've always wanted," "Gee, thanks" or any other half-hearted response.
  • There were appliances involved. (Even if she says she wants kitchen appliances, or any other household item, do not give these as birthday gifts.)

Universal Birthday Gifts for Women

There are some birthday gifts that will be appreciated by nearly all women. Some universal gifts include flowers, jewelry, and perfume. When buying one of these birthday gifts for her, make sure that the present matches with her preferences. Try to pick her favorite flower, a style of jewelry that she prefers, and a brand of perfume that she already wears. Bear in mind that resorting to this type of birthday gift, rather than a more personal choice, may result in additional expense.