Best Corporate Gifts for the Holidays: Personalized Gift Ideas for Clients and Business Partners 21 Jul

Businesses of all sizes and all industries are attuned to gift giving come November and December. However, many sentiments become lost along a wall of cookie-cutter greeting cards. To create a lasting impression, personalize corporate gifts for individuals or workplace cultures.

Consider the following:

Give Wine with Custom Labels

Wine is a popular gift around the holidays – and for good reason. It’s well liked by connoisseurs as well as the not-so-picky palates. But rather than stocking up on a store-bought variety, create a custom wine label through a service like Stoney Creek Wine Press. Incorporate the company logo and a personal greeting to create a memorable gift worth water cooler talk.

Create Unique Corporate Gift Baskets

Popcorn, sweets and cheese are common gift basket components. Personalize gift baskets with treats that are unique to each business. Provide golf lovers will balls, tees and possibly a card for a tee time. Health and fitness buffs may enjoy a basket of locally grown, organic produce. Purchase mouse pads and flash drives for tech gurus.

Donate to Clients’ Charities

Show clients appreciation by donating to or supporting their favorite charities. Biographies posted in the “About Us” sections of company websites often list the charitable efforts of the C-suite or senior leadership. Find out which non-profits they support and offer assistance.

Select Promotional Gifts That Are Functional

Despite the best intentions, ornamental gifts often end up in the back of a drawer or the trash. Promotional gifts can be big hits, but they need to be functional at the same time. Place the company logo on something that people use regularly such as a computer mouse, flash drive, reusable shopping bag or aluminum water bottle.

Give a Potted Plant or Office Garden

Office spaces and cubicles can be bland. Spruce it up with a potted plant or “garden in a bag” that can last well into the New Year. Different plants carry different meanings. For instance, a bamboo plant can signify prosperity and wealth, and a clover plant is a symbol for good luck.

Corporate gift giving is not only commonplace during the holidays, it’s often expected. In order to shine amongst the bunch of well-meant sentiments, companies need a creative edge or personal touch that resonates with the receiver. Be creative. Think about the client's needs and wants.