Cheap and Yet Meaningful Baby Gifts – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

Even those who are young or cash-strapped (or both) can give meaningful gifts that do not put the gift givers in debt or break their budgets to new babies. All it takes is a little creativity and some thought on nontraditional gifts.

Hand-me-Downs for Baby

For those cash-strapped gift givers who already have children of their own, the perfect gifts might already be inside their house. Consider “passing down:”

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Books (for the child and about child-rearing)
  • Baby items (like high chairs, cribs, car seats, bassinets)
  • Toys
  • DVDs
  • Bedding

Although some may be tentative with giving hand-me-downs as a “gift,” consider the amount of money that the new family will save with these items. Of course, make certain that the family is aware that the items have been previously used and are being gifted to them (no return necessary). Any items that are “well-loved” (that is, well-worn) might be best saved for donation to local charities.

Before gifting a crib, make certain that it meets current guidelines. Car seats also should only be shared if they have never been in car accidents, have not been recalled by manufacturers and do not have any breaks, tears or missing parts.

Pictures of the Family

Parents love to have pictures of their new babies, but many forget to bring the camera and capture the first moments. Offer to take pictures at the hospital, family events, the family’s first outing and special events/holidays. An added bonus, with the parents’ permission, might be to create a page on a photo sharing service, blog or Facebook to share the photos with all family members and friends.

Giving Family Free Time

Give parents the one thing that no item from a store can: free time. Whether it be offering babysitting services perhaps one day a month or helping with errands around the house, parents will love the extra helping hand. To make this idea into a gift, simply create a homemade coupon book (whether handmade or on the computer) the details the help being offered.

Personalized, Creative and Crafty

Get in touch with your inner Rembrandt or Whitman:

  • Paint a portrait of the baby
  • Write a poem
  • Make a photo book
  • Frame the birth announcement
  • Knit a blanket or booties
  • Create a personalized zodiac chart

As long as the gift is personalized and from the heart, the parents will appreciate the time and thought put into the present.


Custom and Cheap Presents for Newborns

Gifts that are personalized, homemade or take time to create are often more appreciated than those that were simply bought from a store. Take into account the parents’ needs, hobbies and interests when creating a gift.