Cheap Christmas Gift Baskets: Homemade Holiday Baskets – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

We know it is too early for Christmas! but we want you to be ready and prepare for the season! 

Either is functional or whimsical, for friends and family or business associates, a Christmas gift basket matches the festivity and fun of the holiday season. And, when you assemble your own gift baskets, you can create a more personalized present and get more freedom to add perishable items that might spoil in a shipment from a mail-order company. Purchased gift baskets, however, are hard to beat for last-minute orders and for shipping to long-distance recipients.

Choose creative containers for your gift baskets and make your presentation truly memorable. Yard sales and thrift stores often overflow with wicker baskets. A plain cardboard box, covered in paper and adorned with ribbons, gives ample space to display the basket’s contents and reuses what may have ended up in the trash.

Here are some Christmas basket ideas, homemade and ready-made, for nearly everyone on your shopping list.

The Wine Lover Gift Basket

Buy a roomy ice bucket—it can double as a multi-bottle wine chiller at future parties—and add one bottle each of a red and white vintage. A package of crisp, hearty crackers, a cluster of grapes and a couple bricks of gourmet cheese rounds out the collection of goodies. Or order a $89.99 Fine Wine and Cheese gift basket online from that contain Chardonnay, Crisps Crackers, jack cheese spread, olives, and Maple Truffles chocolate. Shipping varies with location.

The Movie Fanatic Gift Basket

A popcorn bowl serves as the container for this functional and fun gift basket. Toss in a selection of microwave popcorn bags and some movie theater candy such as Junior Mints and Lemonheads. Tuck in a gift certificate to a local movie rental store and you have a great gift for a night of movie watching. 

Coffee Addict Gift Basket

Firework Basket can never have enough coffee, so give him or her a selection of gourmet brews from the supermarket and a pretty or funny mug snuggled in a wicker basket. Complement the goodies with a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans. A ready-made “Special Sampler Box” from European coffee and teas selection.

Kid’s Gift Basket

Save the kid on your list the few excruciatingly long seconds it takes to unwrap a present and give him or her a basket full of games, toys, and other goodies. A fabric storage cube holds everything and doubles as a room organizer after the holidays. Load it with card games and board games, stuffed animals, diecast cars or plastic jewelry.