Create a Unique Gift Basket For Food Lovers – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

When the holiday season or a loved one’s birthday approaches, many people find themselves shopping for someone who seems to have everything. Creating a gourmet gift basket is a creative way to make a gift that they will love. After all, one of the few things people will always need more of is food. Choosing gourmet ingredients, such as olive oil, finishing salts, or coffee, and personalizing a gift basket around these items will ensure that the present is a hit.


  • Basket, box, or other small container
  • Raffia, shredded paper, dishtowel, or other lining for the bottom
  • Assortment of gourmet ingredients and accessories
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Line the basket with raffia, fabric, shredded paper, or anything else that seems fitting.
  2. Arrange the gifts in a decorative fashion, so that they are all visible from the front. More of the lining can be used in the back to raise those items up.
  3. Wrap the entire package in cellophane and tie with a ribbon.


  • Create a theme. Whether this basket is for someone who loves chocolate, wine, hot sauce, or cheese, choose a central item or theme and then select other items to support it.
  • Consider the audience. While a foodie may be thrilled by a tower of gourmet ingredients, a college student may not have much interest in them. Just because a loved one does not always cook does not mean that a food gift basket is inappropriate. Coffee, tea, or favorite convenience foods might make good themes instead.
  • Visit a craft store. Not only will a large craft store, such as Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics, have plenty of baskets to choose from, but they will also have ribbon and extras to decorate the gift basket with. Make the packaging as unique as the contents.
  • Include several items that can be used year-round. If the gift basket is centered around coffee, for example, include a pair of unique mugs. Other small kitchen tools make great additions to a gourmet gift basket.
  • Keep the occasion in mind. Whether the gift basket is for Christmas, Hanukkah, a birthday, or just to say thank you, it can be incorporated into the items purchased or the decoration of the gift basket.
  • Pink or black finishing salts are a creative touch that many cooks do not have in their pantry. Unique ingredients like these sea salts make a gift special.

Retail Options

For those who are less creative, there are stores and websites available to purchase and create gift baskets. Especially during the holiday season, many stores have the supplies to create a gourmet gift basket all in one place.

Websites like Gifty by the breaking Heart Gift Baskets specialize in creating beautiful baskets around a wide variety of themes. Gourmet ingredients, wines, or spa essentials can be purchased as large gift baskets. Websites offer the added benefit of shipping the item to the recipient, which can be difficult.

Making any occasion gift basket for a loved one is a creative way to celebrate the things that they enjoy. It guarantees that the gift will be used and appreciated.