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Gift Baskets Toronto

For the man or woman who has everything, assembling a basket with an assortment of items they like might be one solution. Getting to know the gourmet section of your grocery store can be a fantastic resource in this case.

If you know that person’s favourite flavour, try gathering a gourmet basket of anything in that vein; for the lemon-head in your life, a selection of lemon cookies, candies, organic lemonade with some whole fresh lemons would make an interesting presentation. There’s a world of environmentally friendly goods, like chocolate, that can be chosen with care.

Affordable Stores or Ways to Fill Your Gift Baskets

Drug stores today can be a great resource to find offbeat gifts. For the stressed out friend, try buying a massager with massage oil, some bath salts or organic oils, and fun candies. Some drug stores even have selections of gift items such as trips or tickets to events, but few really say they know the person…and the price tags can be alarming.

Gift Baskets Toronto

Gift Baskets Toronto

Check resources like thrift shops such as Goodwill for offbeat kitchen goods, if they are in good condition. Cookie cutters, if you present them with a batch of your homemade cookies can be very cute, especially if they are retro ones you haven’t seen in a while or the classic "gingerbread man" style.

Buying a used book in excellent condition would be a terrific gift for a book lover, if you pair it with a mug and an attractive jar you’ve filled with cocoa, and maybe an environmentally safe addition of some pinecones to use as fireplace starters. The card can read, “to be read in front of a blazing fireplace”.

Here are a couple of gift basket ideas that don’t need more than a casual trip to your grocery store:

The Pizza Lover Basket

Get a pizza pan, and make some organic pizza dough and freeze it. If you’re not culinarily gifted, buying frozen dough works too: Add some gourmet sauce and some cheeses, and present the whole thing wrapped on your pizza pan.

A Hot-Head’s Gift Basket

For the person who love hot, fiery spices, a range of hot sauces and dry rubbing spices that you collected from your grocery store and packed in an attractive box would be more personal – and likely a bigger hit – than a generic gift basket of spices from a gourmet shop.

The Green Thumb Basket

Buy an attractive flowerpot and fill it with an assortment of organic herb or heritage vegetable seeds. (If you're extra frugal, check out Craig's List for a used one, or ask around Freecycle if anyone has one in good condition to give away.)

Gift Basket for the New Parent

If your friend just had a baby, what better opportunity than to make a basket that includes some environmentally friendly baby creams, organic cloth diapers, and a little something special for the proud family?

The Gourmet Food Lover Basket

A selection of herbed or flavoured oils, some cheese and posh looking imported crackers can be just the thing for the harried friend who likes the finer things in life. For extra "wow" make your own flavoured oils.


Fragrance Lover’s Basket

Fill a basket with pot-pourri, and a Dollar Store oil burner. If you include some good quality organic fragrant oils, such as something from The Body Shop, it will raise the tone of the whole gift. Just be sure your gift doesn’t imply “I think you’re stinky”.

Take a look around stores like liquor stores, gift shops and gourmet stores and examine how they package their presents, baskets or gift bags. You can learn from their presentation techniques, and maybe get inspiration for creating a more personalized gift.

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