Father's Day Gifts Kids can Make 18 Jun

Some dads are hard to shop for, especially for little kids. One great way to treat dad to something special is to go with arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts allow a child to not only get dad something very personal, but he can even give dad the same gift in different new and improved variations over the years. One example is a t-shirt.

Make Dad a T-shirt or Sweatshirt This Father's Day

Dads can always use another t-shirt to wear to bed, around the garden, or to work out in. One great way to accomplish this is to make him one.

There are several great things about this. First, it is cost-effective. Craft stores sell plain shirts for $5 to $10. Sometimes they can be found for less. Second, color is never a problem as the stores always have 10 to 20 different hues. Third, who doesn't like a new t-shirt? Fourth, the kids can occupy themselves while giving dad something very special.

In addition to the above benefits, there's nothing complicated about any of this. Whether moms choose to use paint or markers, a great way to go would be to start with hand prints of the children. Then write their names and ages underneath them.

After that, it's off to decals that can include:

  • #1 Dad
  • Best Dad Ever!
  • Super Dad

Make Dad a Sign for his Office or Workshop

Dads with personal domains don't mind a little familial touch now and then. One way to do this is to make a sign for dad's workshop or office. It can be made of poster board for him to tack up, or with a slab of wood that can hang from twine. Great slogans can be:

  • Dad's Place
  • NY Jets Fans Only
  • Knock Please

Dad Could Use a Little Peace and Quiet

Making a big fuss over dad on his special day is always great, but sometimes the best way to make a fuss over him is to leave him alone. Dads who work all the time can feel stressed about how much time they don't spend at home. For this reason, it's important to let him know that it's okay if he wants to sleep in a bit.

When dad gets his rest he can feel better, and on Father's Day it's the least that can be done. For families with small children, these gifts are always going to be exciting. As the children grow older, dad may still enjoy his t-shirt for the sentimental value of when the children were young. But no matter how old they get, a little sleep can go a long way.