First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Men – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

Paper anniversary gifts are the traditional first anniversary gifts for men. Although it may seem like the paper anniversary is old-fashioned or limited to personalized stationary, there are several anniversary gift ideas that can fit the paper category with a little creativity.

One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Men

Gift ideas for men can include many items for the business professional or his home office. Unique gifts for men can include a customized business card set or engraved business card holder. Business card holders are available in stainless steel, sterling silver, gold-plate and leather, so there are a variety of styles and prices. Most business card holders can be monogrammed.

One-year anniversary gifts for husbands can also expand or update his home office. A simple option is a desk set that includes a calendar, blotter, personalized notepad and other supplies. For a more high-tech present for him, purchase a computer printer or upgrade to a printer, scanner and copier. These useful items fit the traditional anniversary gift of paper for the 1st wedding anniversary.

1st Wedding Anniversary Presents for Him

The possibilities for one-year anniversary gifts are nearly endless when purchasing tickets for the paper wedding anniversary. One option is to purchase concert tickets for a favorite band from old dates or a new favorite that both partners enjoy. Sport lovers may enjoy tickets to a sporting event. For a luxury gift for him, purchase season tickets for his favorite team.

Tickets for a vacation or weekend away are great 1-year anniversary gifts for men. Going away to celebrate a first wedding anniversary can set a precedent for celebrating future wedding anniversaries. The plans can be elaborate or simple and can fit any budget.

Love Coupons are Romantic Gifts for Men

One of the most romantic and budget-friendly first anniversary gift ideas for men is to create a pack of love coupons for him. Love coupons can be individual treats or favors that the man can redeem. They can range from simple household chores like emptying the dishwasher when it is his turn to a romantic evening like creating a spa retreat at home. Write or print out the love coupons and include a personalized love letter.

Celebrating the first wedding anniversary with traditional paper gifts does not have to be boring. Anniversary gift ideas for men include items for his home office, tickets and love coupons.