Gift Idea for Elderly Parents – Create a Thoughtful Gift Basket – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

Many years ago I asked my mother what she would like to receive for Christmas. "A box of Kleenex®," she said, smiling. At the time, I thought that was an odd request, but now that I'm in her "orthopedic" shoes, I understand.

People in their golden years have usually received numerous gifts that they have enjoyed and treasured, but there comes a time when they would appreciate gifts that fall into the practical, disposable, and reusable category. (Except, of course, for those handmade gifts crafted with love by young grandchildren...)

My mother was delighted when she opened my gifts on that long-ago Christmas – ten beautifully wrapped boxes of facial tissue in various brands, designs and sizes. She acted as though each one was the prettiest thing she had ever seen!

Give Thoughtful Gifts to Your Elderly Parent or Grandparent

When choosing gifts for an elderly parent or grandparent, imagine how that person generally spends her day. What items does she use on a regular basis? A nice way to say "I love you and I'm thinking of you" is to fill a gift basket with some of the favorite things that she likes and some of the practical things that she needs. Ask her to save the basket for you to refill for another gift-giving occasion.

Gift baskets are fun to make and give for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas, and any other special occasions.

If you include foods or toiletries in the gift basket, keep in mind any dietary restrictions or allergies that your loved one might have.

Gift Basket Ideas for Mom or Grandma

Following are a few suggestions for items to include in a mother's or grandmother's gift basket:

  • moisturizing lotion
  • face soap
  • lip balm
  • chocolate truffles or other candy
  • macadamia nuts
  • cookies
  • jams or jellies
  • almond butter
  • a woman's magazine
  • a paperback book

Gift Basket Ideas for Dad or Grandpa

Following are a few suggestions for items to include in a father's or grandfather's gift basket:

  • shaving cream
  • aftershave
  • canned mixed nuts
  • canned fish
  • beef stick or jerky
  • crackers
  • licorice or cinnamon candies
  • peanut butter
  • a sports magazine
  • a paperback book

Gift Basket Ideas for an Elderly Couple

Following are a few suggestions for items to include in a gift basket for an elderly couple:

  • any of the above foods or snacks
  • dish soap
  • laundry detergent
  • dish cloths or sponges
  • puzzle books
  • a deck of cards
  • a general interest magazine
  • a handmade coupon book offering help with tasks
  • paper towels
  • ... and don't forget the Kleenex®!

How to Assemble Your Gift Basket

Choose a basket that is the appropriate size to hold the several small gift items you want to include. Line the basket with one or two fresh, new, colorful kitchen towels (who wouldn't like a new kitchen towel?!). Then fill the basket with the gift items in a pleasing arrangement. Sprinkle some brightly wrapped candies over all. Cut out several heart shapes from light-colored paper and write loving messages on them. Tuck the hearts here and there inside the basket.

Place the filled gift basket on a large piece of clear cellophane; gather the cellophane around the basket, gathering it at the top; secure the cellophane a few inches from the top with a beautiful ribbon. Your custom-made gift basket is now ready to put a huge smile on your parent's or grandparent's face.

A Thoughtful Gift Basket – A Welcome Gift for Any Elderly Parent or Grandparent

Gift baskets filled with practical, disposable, or reusable items will be fun for you to create for your parents or grandparents. And the joy your thoughtful gifts will bring to the seniors in your life will greatly reward your efforts.