Green Baby Gift Ideas: Tips for Buying Eco-Friendly Baby Products 29 Jul

When a new addition comes to a family, he or she can bring a lot of joy along with the cost of a lot of baby items that will need to be purchased. Assist some moms and dads-to-be by purchasing eco-friendly baby gifts to help them welcome their bundle of joy.

Cloth Diapers

Many parents are turning to cloth diapers in order to have a greener life. There are many brands that offer all-in-one cloth diapers. Try Baby BeeHinds, Thirsties, or bumGenius. Only buy a few cloth diapers unless mom has said that she is only going to use cloth. Even if she thinks that she might use disposable diapers or do a combination of both, it is always good to have a cloth diaper handy in case of an emergency.

Consider buying some of the cloth diaper accessories such as pins, snappies, the diaper pail, liners or a special bag to put in the diaper bag to place the used diaper.

Organic Baby Clothes and Bedding

Organic baby clothes and organic baby bedding are easy to find and most can be ordered on the Internet. They are made of cotton that has not been exposed to any chemicals or pesticides. Some of these baby products are even made of hemp or bamboo. Organic baby clothes and bedding can be found in some retail stores, but are usually easier to find online. Try,,, or

Try to coordinate bedding with what the mother has registered for. The safest option is to go with plain sheets since this is what the baby comes in contact with the most.

Make a Green Baby Gift Basket

Take a few of the environmentally friendly baby items and put them together in a nice basket that the mother can use in the nursery instead of a bag. Some of these Earth friendly baby items can be a little pricey unless they are used regularly, so consider going in with some friends to be able to buy the family more of what they need.

These are just a few ideas for green baby gifts. Having a baby is expensive no matter if the family is trying to live green or not. Giving them an environmentally friendly milk bottle, toy or piece of baby gear can go a long way in helping the new parents live a greener life.

Recycled Baby Gear

One inexpensive, green baby gift can be recycled baby gear. If the mom would not be offended by a secondhand gift, take a baby item from home that is in good shape, but is no longer being used or go to a nice secondhand store or consignment shop to find gently used baby gear.

Be sure to inspect any used baby equipment and check out the item on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website. The commission has an up to date list of everything that has been recalled and why. Safety is the most important thing when it comes to the baby.

Organic Baby Food and Feeding Accessories

Breastfeeding is best for baby, but if the mom cannot breastfeed or wants to have formula on hand in case of an emergency, buy a can of organic baby formula for her. Purchase a baby food processor so that the family can make their own organic baby food when it is time to start solids.

Make sure any eating utensils and baby bottles are BPA-free or think about buying glass baby bottles. They do not run the risk of having any harmful chemicals that plastic baby bottles may contain and they are easy to recycle. Also look for organic cotton bibs and burp rags. Consider buying an all wooden high chair or booster seat instead of a plastic counterpart.

Eco-Friendly Baby Toys

There are several brands of baby toys that are not made of plastic that will only wind up taking space in a landfill someday. Look for toys made from cotton or wood. If there is a great toy that is made from plastic, make sure that it is BPA-free and has not been recalled due to lead contamination. To find green baby toys, go to a search engine and type "eco-friendly baby toys" or "green baby toys" for a list of websites that sell them.