Presents for a Third Birthday & Christmas Gifts for 3-Year-Olds – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

The list of possible gifts for preschoolers is almost inexhaustible. This article suggests some great gift ideas for the preschooler age group, for three-year-old children for Christmas, birthday or any special occasion.

Guide to Buying Toys for a 3-year-old Preschooler

Three-year-old children are generally interested in a wide range of toys and will play with both toys for boys and girls. Often by this age children will have developed preferences for certain types of toys, these may be gendered specific such as girls with dolls and strollers, but this is not always the case.

it is easy to make the mistake of buying toys which are either too challenging and difficult or too simple. If in doubt about whether toys are suitable for a certain age group or a certain child it is advisable to

  • follow the age guidance given on the boxes,
  • buy from reputable, established retailers or well-known children's brands,
  • discuss with parents or carers.

Preschoolers' Tricycles & Scooters

Riding a tricycle or a scooter takes a level of coordination which is not achieved by many children at two years of age. Around the age of three a child could be ready for their first scooter and tricycle.

Play Houses for 3-year-old Girls & Boys

If there is the space available play-houses can be set up inside the home or outside in the garden or backyard. Both boys and girls love playhouses, which are designed with different themes.

Lego, Duplo & Playmobile Sets for Children Aged 3

Lego for younger children is called Duplo, a slightly larger version of the familiar colorful plastic building bricks. Like Lego, Playmobile is also associated with older children, however, there is a range of Playmobile for the under-fours. These are toys which will usually be played with for many hours and years to come, with the bonus that they are almost indestructible, the can be passed on to siblings and they hold their value when sold as used.