Traditional Anniversary Gifts – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

A wedding anniversary is the perfect time for a couple to show their love and appreciation for one another. There are many ways to show your spouse how much he or she means to you. These may include sharing quality time together, speaking words of affirmation and appreciation, physical touch, or by giving a traditional anniversary gift.

First to 4th Year Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • 1st Year Anniversary: Paper. Symbolizing the delicateness and hardiness of a new relationship.
  • 2nd Year Anniversary: Cotton. Symbolizing a piece of cotton tied around the finger as a reminder of the wedding vows and to reflect upon the marriage.
  • 3rd Year Anniversary: Leather. Representing durability, protection and covering.
  • 4th Year Anniversary: Fruit and Flowers. Symbolizing a fruitful or blossoming relationship.

11th to 17th Year Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • 11th Year Anniversary: Steel. Symbolizes the permanence and durability of a lasting relationship.
  • 12th Year Anniversary: Silk. Strong and soft at the same time, silk represents the strength and flexibility required in marriage.
  • 13th Year Anniversary: Lace. Representing intricacy and beauty.
  • 14th Year Anniversary: Agate. A gemstone symbolizing protection and luck.
  • 15th Year Anniversary: Crystal. Symbolizes the clarity and transparency of marriage.
  • 16th Year Anniversary: Peridot. A rich green stone formed by intense heat and volcanic activity. A reminder that great things can emerge from fire.
  • 17th Year Anniversary: Watches. To remind the couple that there is always more time to do and say things in order to improve the relationship.

21st to 25th Year Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • 21st Year Anniversary: Brass. Symbolizing the achievement of lasting so long together, as when 15th century knights would catch a small brass ring at full gallop as a test of their skill.
  • 22nd Year Anniversary: Copper. Representing heat and malleablity.
  • 23rd Year Anniversary: Silver Plate. The reflective nature of silver symbolizes that each partner in the marriage acts as the mirror for the other.
  • 24th Year Anniversary: Musical Instrument. The ability of music to help communicate deep emotions to one another.
  • 25th Year Anniversary: Silver. Represents accrued material wealth and knowledge.

31st to 35th Year Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • 31st Year Anniversary: Timepieces. Representing beauty and elegance.
  • 32nd Year Anniversary: Conveyances. Any item of transportation.
  • 33rd Year Anniversary: Amethyst. A gemstone symbolizing good luck, health and love.
  • 34th Year Anniversary: Opal. The uniqueness of each stone represents the uniqueness of every relationship adding with Flowers. Symbolizing blossoming relationship.
  • 35th Year Anniversary: Jade. A stone symbolizing protection, virtue and immortality.

45th to 60th Year Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas – Marked Every Five Years

  • 45th Year Anniversary: Sapphire. The blue colour of this gemstone represents loyalty and faithfulness.
  • 50th Year Anniversary: Gold. The wealth of gold is given as a reward for the long life spent together.
  • 55th Year Anniversary: Turquoise. A gemstone representing the sanctuary of marriage as in that of a desert oasis accompained with Fruit Symbolizing a fruitful relationship.
  • 60th Year Anniversary: Emerald. The green colour of this gemstone symbolizes the love, joy and abundance that a thriving marriage provides.