Traditional Anniversary Gifts Versus Modern Anniversary Gifts 09 Jan

Traditionally, there are particular gifts given to represent the current year of marriage being celebrated and these are called traditional anniversary gifts.

These gift choices, however, are not always appropriate or suitable to give.

As an alternative to the traditional anniversary gift list, there is also a modern anniversary gift list to make a selection from. These modern gift choices still keep in the tradition of giving a symbolic gift for each anniversary year celebrated.

Looking for some wedding anniversary gift ideas? Below is a summary of the modern version of the traditional gift, for each year of marriage achieved by the couple:

  • 40th Year Anniversary: Ruby
  • 41st Year Anniversary: Land
  • 42nd Year Anniversary: Improved Real Estate
  • 43rd Year Anniversary: Travel
  • 44th Year Anniversary: Literature

45th to 80th Year Modern Anniversary Gift Ideas – Marked Every Five Years

  • 45th Year Anniversary: Sapphire
  • 50th Year Anniversary: Gold
  • 55th Year Anniversary: Turquoise
  • 60th Year Anniversary: Emerald
  • 65th Year Anniversary: Diamond
  • 70th Year Anniversary: Platinum
  • 75th Year Anniversary: Diamond. As per 65th anniversary.
  • 80th Year Anniversary: Oak

A Wedding Anniversary Tribute

The journey of marriage is complex, rewarding and extremely valuable. Each passing year is a celebration of the lasting love the couple continues to have for one another. Giving a modern version of the traditional anniversary gift is a wonderful way to acknowledge and symbolize the achievement of each year spent together.