Unique Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary – Gifty by The Breaking Heart

Here are some unique ideas to tell your special someone that you love them on your anniversary.

An anniversary marks the time where a relationship began. It can mark where you started dating, when you fell in love, or the day you got married. It is a tradition to buy your loved one a gift on each anniversary as a token of your love. Many people have trouble trying to figure out how to express their love through a gift. Words of love are easily spoken but it is hard to find the gift that says it all to the person that you love. The following is a couple ideas to help you on your special anniversary to tell the person in your life that you love them.

Nothing says I love you like your own words. You can tell the person you love how much you love them, why you love them, and how thankful you are to have them through customized books, newspapers, compact discs and newspapers. This is a great gift because later on in life the person that you made this for can look at it and remember where you were years ago and how far you have grown, they can remember the memories through your eyes, and they have something to look at when times are tough reminding them that no matter what they have someone who loves them. There are books of love. You can make a book that shows the special moments in your lives together that are customized and for each page there is a reason why you love your significant other. There are so many options like coupon books (with coupons to for a night out, a night in, a massage, anything you want), compact discs with love songs (you can find songs that remind you of the beginning of your relationship up to where you are now in your relationship and put them on this CD), personalized romance novels (you can write your own story and always have something to look back on and read as the years go by together), and newspapers (this gives you lots of options with stories of your love, pictures and headlines that remind you of your loved one) that you can choose whatever fits you best and express to the person you love how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Jewelry is often given as gifts on an anniversary but you can make yours special by engraving something into the jewelry of choice. This gives it a little bit of a personal touch. You can engrave anything from the date of when you got married to words expressing how much you love them. The great thing is that you don’t only have to engrave jewelry. You can engrave picture frames, glasses, jewelry, a cigar box, whatever you think will say I love you best. This is something that they can have with them at all times so that when they need to be reminded that they are loved it is always close and easy to read.

A gift that never goes away is a memory. You can celebrate your life with someone by planning a getaway for just the two of you or celebrate with friends and family. You can fly somewhere you have never been, take a cruise, leave the country and create a memory of something new. Not everybody can afford to leave and take a vacation so you can also do something local like beach trips, skydiving, parasailing, scuba diving, zip lining, etc. This is a great way to show someone that cherish the memories that you already have and you are looking forward to planning more trips in the future. If you need ideas for somewhere to go there are lots of websites that offer bundle packages or give ideas on romantic get-a-ways.

Renewing vows is a tradition that states that you still love the person just as much, if not more, then the day you married them. You can surprise your loved one by renewing your vows on your anniversary. If you live near the place that you got married you can relive the steps that you took many years ago and lead them all up to the renewal of vows without them knowing. Take a trip down memory lane and remember the moments that lead up to the day you married the love of your life. If you want to invite friends and family you can and if you want it to be an intimate moment it can be just the two of you and a justice of the peace. You can retrace your steps from years ago or you can make new ones and renew your vows in a beach ceremony or somewhere that is special to you. Wherever you renew your vows it is a great way to tell the person that you still love them, you are still committed to them, and that you plan to stay by their side no matter what.

An anniversary is a special moment in life where you have the chance to express your love for the person you are with whether it is through a romantic getaway or a personalized gift. Give your loved one a unique and from the heart gift with one of these ideas and save the rest for the years to come.