Best Gifts for Wine Lovers: Wine Aerators: Give Wine Fans Specially Designed Devices to Help Wine Breathe 21 May

"Let’s let the wine breathe.” Those words are spoken often by wine lovers, who will often open a bottle well in advance of pouring it and will decant wine—that is, transfer it from a bottle to a decanter—not only to remove sediment in the bottle but also to aerate the wine.

Why aerate wine? Though there’s some complex science involved, the basic answer is fairly simple. Mingling molecules of wine with air, or more specifically oxygen in the air, helps bring out every nuance of aroma and flavor.

What’s the end result of aerating wine? Basic, everyday, inexpensive wines will taste better than ever. And wine lovers will be more easily able to savor every fine nuance of a great bottle of wine.

A Guide to Wine Aerators

Keeping in mind the pleasures wine aeration makes possible, innovative manufacturers are now making available a variety of relatively inexpensive wine aerating devices. Widely available in wine shops and online from dependable web retailers including Wine Enthusiast, these devices make great presents for wine lovers on holiday gift lists or at any time of year—and are relatively inexpensive enough that they can be bought in multiples so the giver can have one as well!

Here’s a guide to some of the leading wine aerator brands for sale:

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator . Just hold this elegant, slender device over a wine glass and pour the wine through it to aerate the wine in seconds. A deluxe set includes a no-drip stand, a no-splash grate, a sediment filter, an sculptural-looking “tower” stand, and a travel pouch. The company makes separate models for both red wines and white wines, with “different internal dimensions and flow rates” best suited to the particular type.

Metrokane Rabbit™ Super-Aerating Decanter System From the makers of the very popular, beautiful, and highly efficient Rabbit corkscrew comes to this equally appealing wine aerating system. Fitting into the top of a wide-bottomed, hand-blown crystal decanter, part of the set is a wide-mouthed glass wine-spray funnel, which separates wine into “microparticles” that spray and trickle down the decanter’s side. A separate metal “super-fine sediment screen,” also part of the set, fits inside the filter if necessary to remove particles as small as 1 millimeter.

Respirer™ Next Generation Wine Aerator . As it enters a pressure chamber beneath the bowl of this carefully engineered device, wine creates a vacuum that draws in air through an intake channel along the side. The carefully calibrated shape of the fluid tube beneath takes advantage of the laws of physics to produce maximum oxygenation.

Vinturator VinO2™. Created by Chinese master designer Zen Lhu, and manufactured in China, this futuristic-looking device has won great favor in Australia, is now making inroads in the U.S. and other markets, and is available for sale in North America.